Video Help

We have compiled the videos in two different formats, at two different connection speeds. 
Everywhere you find a video you will see this choice.
First choose a column depending on your player preference:
Windows Media Player
RealPlayer column in the table.
Next click on the speed of your internet connection:
(56k) for a slower dial-up phone line internet connection. (lower quality)
(256k) for faster DSL, Cable Modem, or other high speed connections. 

If you don't have either player, or they are not working correctly see instructions below to get free upgrades.


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 RealOne was RealPlayer.  It is a good (free) player across all platforms.  It's a little more frustrating to install than Windows Media Player due to the registration process and wanting to take over as default player for all media types.  Playback quality is slightly better than W.M.P.

Windows Media Home


You can use Windows Media Player and others to watch the .wmp format videos. 

If you have an older version of WMP you may get only audio or an error.  If so please get the free version upgrade below. 

  Windows Media Player 9 (for Win XP)    Download Now     9,660 kb    45 min. @ 28.8 kb
  Windows Media Player 9 (for Win 98 SE, Me, and 2000)    Download Now 13,300 kb    62 min. @ 28.8 kb
  Windows Media Player 7.1 (for Mac OS 8.1 to 9.x) Download Now    Readme Readme  4,960 kb   Time 22 min. @ 28.8 kb
  Windows Media Player (for Mac OS X) Download Now Readme Readme  6,160 kb   Time 22 min. @ 28.8 kb