Why should you choose The Main Squeeze?

        All of the hand squeezers on the market today are a variation of the first version that was designed for “Rosie the Riveter” in WWII. At that time words like “ergonomics” or “carpel tunnel syndrome” were not in anyone’s vocabulary. Nobody even considered a new design, our country was fighting for it’s life. But this is the space age. New materials, CAD/CAM design techniques, and high speed manufacturing allow us to do what was never possible before.

        Cleaveland Aircraft Tool is introducing a new space age version of the hand rivet squeezer. It’s called “The Main Squeeze!” This new hand squeezer takes advantage of a different method of increasing mechanical advantage. Only a small amount of power needs to be applied to the handles. No more grunting and groaning. No more pectoral muscle cramps. You can now set 1/8” rivets with a minimal effort. 

The first time you use this squeezer it will almost make you laugh.

Features of "The Main Squeeze"         

Compare quality and features, then the price of other hand squeezers 
and you will find this is an outstanding value.

How We Stack Up with the Competition

                 The Main Squeeze                  Competition        
Designed:                   2001                                                              Around WWII
Material:                   6061-T6 Aluminum - anodized                        Steel
Weight:                      19oz.                                                              29oz.
Force Required     
to set AN470-4-2.5:  22.4lbs.                                                           64lbs.
Style of Yoke:           Standard Pneumatic 214C                               Specialized

SCH-22 - Main Squeeze Handle - $235.00