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New Items Flyer - October 2005!

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Seat Upholstery for the RV-10
We have been producing custom seats for the RV series aircraft since 1987.  Patterns have been developed to cover the front seat cushions that are supplied with the RV-10 finish kit.  The rear seats are similar to the front seats in the side by side models (less the stick cutout).  We have made several sets and our customers have been thrilled with the results.  You can design your seats using leather, cloth, vinyl, or a combination of cloth and vinyl.

  • Smooth and tight fit for a very clean look
  • No need to send us the seat frames only the foam
  • Foam and Conforfoam is included for the rear seats
  • Hundreds of fabrics and colors to choose from
  • Leather/Fabric/Vinyl samples will be sent upon request

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RV-10 Seat Photo

Ingersoll-Rand Portable Air Compressor
Here is our compressor choice for any builder's shop.  This is not your standard portable air compressor.  This compressor uses an oil filled pump that turns slowly enough to keep the compressor quiet, yet fast enough to deliver the air you need for your tools.  I dislike noisy air compressors so badly I won't even stay in the same room with one of the "oil free" type.  You can lean on this compressor and carry on a conversation in a normal tone. 

  • Volts: 110 Volts
  • PSI: 5.7 CFM @ 90 PSI;
  • Tank Size: 24 gallon vertical
  • Dimensions: 23in.L x 25in.W x 51in.H
  • Made in U.S.A.

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Ingersoll Rand Portable Air Compressor
Lightweight Squeezer Yokes
Tired of holding up that bulky, heavy, solid squeezer yoke?  We have a solution.  Yokes for the Tatco squeezer were lightweight and made a hand squeezer feel balanced.  However, they are cast and thus are more ductile (they flex and bend rivets over) than yokes machined from solid 4140.  Until now no one has wanted to make a lightweight yoke from solid because of the work involved.  Teaming up with some design and metallurgical engineers at Iowa State University we designed a 2" yoke that was significantly lighter yet still strong enough for 1/8" rivets.  Based on that research a design was developed for a 3" version.  We have not started production on either size yet, but are gauging your interest, so click below if this appeals to you.

2" Lightweight Yoke More Info

3" Lightweight Yoke More Info

Lightweight Squeezer Yoke
Tie Down Kit for Van's Builders
If you have ever tried to tap a hole in Aluminum 1-1/4" deep you know how difficult it can be.
After many builders have been asking to buy taps and also for guidance in accurately tapping the AEX tie down block for the RVs, we have set up a fixture in our machine shop to tap the aluminum extrusion supplied by Vans. This way the thread will be straight in the block and builders do not have to buy a tool for this one task. Combined with our popular forged and powder coated tie down rings, this makes for a quick fix to a tricky problem. 

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Threaded Tie Down Block and Ring Kit
Tight-Fit Dimpling Fixture
Perfect tool for tight spaces in control surface ribs and trailing edge ends.
Screws to workbench.
Overhangs enough to allow rib flange to slide over.
Machined springback female die built in.
Use standard male die in rivet gun or C-frame ram to make dimple from top.
Only 1/4" clearance required.

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Tight Fit Dimpling Fixture
Torque Seal Anti-Sabotage Lacquer
An inexpensive method to detect tampering; and vibration loosening.
Used in production on compression fittings, studs, nuts, parts, and assemblies after they are in proper torque or position.
Torque Seal becomes brittle and will crack so that inspectors can visually detect any movement or tampering.
Excellent adhesion to all metals and to most other surfaces.
Dries fast.
Torque Seal is packaged in convenient 1/2 oz. poly squeeze tubes.
High visibility, daylight fluorescing YELLOW-ORANGE.

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 Torque Seal Anti-Sabatoge Lacquer

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