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Booth rent increased 20% over last year, (click here for their price sheet) and the grass space that we normally display on will cost over $3000  (Just think of how many vendors there are at Sun-n-Fun).  On top of that we have the fuel to get there, the cost of labor for about 10 days, food...   We can normally attend shows fairly economically, but we feel that Sun-n-Fun is way out of line here.  They want as much as Oshkosh does, the space at Oshkosh is three times as big, and the sales and traffic volume far exceeds Sun-n-Fun.  The last few years at SNF were break even at best.

We still plan to display at the other regional shows, where the grass roots experimental aviation still is taking place.  Here booth space cost is in the hundreds for the weekend type shows.  Since we sell top quality tools at prices similar to what other companies sell the imported inferior quality tools, we just don't have the profit margin to support Sun-n-Fun's organization.

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I have noticed more "t-shirt", "sunglass" type vendors at SNF and less aviation oriented.
  I am concerned where Sun-n-Fun is headed with these choices.


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