Tired of holding up that bulky, heavy, solid squeezer yoke?  We have a solution.  Yokes for the Tatco squeezer were lightweight and made a hand squeezer feel balanced.  However, they are cast and thus are more ductile (they flex and bend rivets over) than yokes machined from solid 4140.  We designed our lightweight "Main Squeeze" hand rivet squeezer to use standard CP214 style pneumatic squeezer yokes, but with the squeezer handle so lightweight the assembly felt slightly yoke heavy.  Until now no one has wanted to make a lightweight yoke from solid because of the work involved.  Teaming up with some design and metallurgical engineers at Iowa State University we designed a 2" yoke that is significantly lighter yet still strong enough for 1/8" rivets.  Based on that research a design was developed for a 3" version.  See the specs. below.

  Click on thumbnail to left to see the stress analysis for an AN470AD4-8 rivet.


We have not started production on either size yet, but are gauging your interest,

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