This dimpling and squeezing system first debuted at Oshkosh 2010 and was a huge success. 

The first of the units are ready to be shipped and the other attachments will follow soon. 

View the videos below to see the tool in action, and fill out the form if you would like to be updated on product pricing and availability as that information becomes available. 



The MDS Hydropneumatic System (HPRS) is composed of a pressure intensifier and various rivet forming heads, which uses compressed shop air at 90 psig to generate hydraulic pressure at 3,500 psig. This substantially higher hydraulic pressure is then used by the forming heads to form rivets or perform other related tasks such as dimpling of skins. Using hydraulic fluid allows for smaller and lighter forming heads over traditional rivet forming tools.


Hy`dro`pneu`mat´ic - Pertaining to, or depending upon, both liquid and gaseous substances


Click here for full specifications (PDF format)

Click here for operation manual (PDF format)


I would like notified as these units are available!

I am interested in these options:  

Compact 'C' Squeezing Unit (shown in videos)  $342  ($875 with Intensifier & 3" yoke) NOW AVAILABLE Click Here!!

Universal Yoke 'C' Squeezing Unit (accepts CP-214 style yokes)   est. $342  ($875 with Intensifier & 3" yoke)

Pull Rivet Attachment  est. $300   ($703 with Intensifier)

DRDT Hydraulic Dimpling and Riveting Attachment  est. $330   ($733 with Intensifier?)

Alligator Style Squeezing Unit   $TBD

Note: only one intensifier is needed in system, if multiple devices are being used add approximately $45 to each device for quick disconnect fittings.

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