The Quick Change system of chucking tools in a drill has been used in aircraft factory production for many years. These chucks, tools, and adapters are now available to you new. This Quick Change System will save many hours for anyone building a complete aircraft. Change from drilling to countersinking to drilling another sized hole in seconds. No lost time fumbling with a drill chuck key which is often misplaced.

A real time saver!

  • Increases Productivity
  • Easy To Use Interchange tools very quickly.
  • Chuck operates similarly to an air hose quick connection.
  • Spring loaded balls in chuck seat in indentations on tool shanks.
  • The tool is held securely.
  • Need for traditional chuck and key is eliminated.
  • Some tools come equipped with quick change shanks.
  • Shank Adapters fit standard drill bits, unibits, micro stop countersink, etc.
  • To Implement the Quick Change System:

    QC65 - QUICK CHANGE CHUCK - $18.00        Quantity 

    QUICK CHANGE ADAPTERS - $13.00        Size        Quantity