Introduction to RV Building

Many times a builder will buy a kit and a box of specialized tools and does not know where to begin.

Often once the kit is started the uncertainty makes the process painstakingly slow.

Our course will provide the builder with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to bypass this uncertainty.

It allows builders to make mistakes and learn what to watch for on practice material instead of on the airplane.

Unlike most workshops we will not focus on topics like: FARís, insurance, engine and propeller selection, flight testing, etc.  While we do hold an opinion about these things they are up to the individual builder and we feel the best way to make this decision is to attend air shows and talk to other builders to form your own opinion.

Instead we choose to concentrate on intensive hands on training.

You will get to "feel" the tools and appreciate the quality differences. 

Detailed step by step use of each tools will teach you techniques used to achieve outstanding quality results.

Practice with these techniques will give you the confidence you need to start on your kit knowing that you are doing it correctly from the first rivet on.

To keep the quality of learning high, class size will be limited to a 1:4 instructor/student ratio. 

All tools will be provided, but you can certainly bring your own if you wish.

Cost is $325 for two day class (includes beverages and lunch), bring a spouse or building partner and cost for them is 1/2 price.


Classes scheduled monthly click below for details.


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For More info call 800-368-1822 or Click Here to Sign Up!!


Location:          Boone Municipal Airport (BNW)   Orange and White Hangar

                        Driving to Boone take US highway 30 West from Ames. 

One mile before Boone look for Snedden Drive (after speed limit change). 

Turn North, follow Snedden Drive to the airport entrance (about 1 mile).




Common Class Schedule


We have switched to an evening first day, full day second day format as previous students have expressed that it would be better for travel reasons.  Please let me know your preference at


Thursday:         4:00-5:00     Classroom session discussing deburring and drilling.

                        5:00-6:00     Hands on practice deburring and drilling.

                        6:00-6:30     Sandwiches & Beverages Provided

                        6:30-7:00     Classroom session & hands on practice preparing for flush riveting.

                        7:00-7:30     Classroom session discussing various methods of riveting.

                        7:30-8:00     Hands on practice riveting on different materials using the methods discussed in the classroom.

                        8:00-8:15     Q&A session, continued practice.

8:15-8:30     Overview of Fridayís project.


Friday:            7:30-8:00     Lobby open, coffee, juice, and doughnuts provided.

                       8:00-Noon   Start assembly of Van's Practice Project which is a small section of an RV-9 aileron. 

                                                This project simulates most of the construction methods needed in building an RV.

                        Noon-12:45   Lunch provided.

                        12:45-6:00?   Complete project, Q&A until everyone runs out of questions.