Link your website to ours and get free stuff!

Our affiliate program allows you to generate credit towards purchases when you send other customers to our website.  When a customer clicks our link from your website to ours we generate a "cookie" that stays on their machine for one week.  If they get back to our site via any means in that week you will get your account credited for 3% of their total purchase.  So if they order $200 worth of merchandise you will get a $6.00 credit toward future purchases.  You will immediately get a e-mail with the subtotal (this is not always 100% accurate but in most cases will be correct) from this you can figure out your credit.  Please keep a printout of the e-mail confirmations just in case of any dispute.  And remember occasionally customers cancel the orders or add to them later.  I know you want to ask... Yes you can place orders through your own link and still get the credit.  You can contact us at any time to find out your current credit, and when you order please mention that you have a credit on file.


All you have to do to become an affiliate site is to:

1. Be a Cleaveland Tool customer and have your customer number (send us a note and we will send you a number if you don't already have it from a previous invoice).

2. Copy the following logo by right clicking on the picture and selecting "save picture as" choose a location on your drive that you will remember for later. 

3. Highlight the following code and copy it to the clipboard using <ctrl c>.^your@emailaddress

4. Edit your webpage inserting the previously saved picture (our logo)

5. Create a hyperlink from the photo and paste (ctrl v) the code that you copied from the clipboard.

6. Edit in your customer number and your e-mail address into the code.

7. Save your page and test the link by clicking on the logo.  It should take you to our website.

8. Promote away! The more places you put the logo the better chances of generating a sale.  Thanks for your support.